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Trainspotting and Peoplewatchin’

It’s Thursday. More specifically, the 15th of September. Its 12:10 in the afternoon and I’m standing on a train platform with half a face of makeup. It’s important to note the date and time because I’m already running late, and have been for the last 3 days.

I’m a final year student and technically classes started on Monday. But on Monday, was working on my tan on a beach in Greece. Priorities.

So I’m going into the city for a class at 2pm.  Anyways I’m tired, sweaty from my power walk to catch the last train and with only foundation on, I look plain lazy. Looking around me, I determine that there are 3 types of people who take a 12 o clock train from small town to city.

  1. People with Shit To Do™ : This includes working types in their late 20s who have an ‘afternoon meeting’. Also students.
  2. Old People AKA Bucket Kickers: Maybe they too have plans and Shit To Do™,  but surely staying alive takes precedence.
  3. Finally, the Druggies.

It might be considered a bit harsh to prejudge a certain group of people as junkies. Heck for all I know, maybe today’s businessmen and women also wear dirty gym gear, have the jitters and smell of piss. By the time I have categorized my fellow passengers I’m on the train trying to save face, literally. It’s a packed train and I’m sitting beside a No.3. [Fun Fact: I actually wrote this whole piece in broken French so he wouldn’t understand what I was saying]. Prince Charming has put his empty cup on my fold up table because “there’s no fucking bin” so my table has been assigned Chief Garbage dispensary. Perf.

 As I rummage around in my hastily packed bag I find that I have only brought black eyeliner, bronzer and lipstick  for the full face I had planned. Seeing this, my travel companion perks up and suggests I tie my hair up to cover greater surface area. Behind me two women, a junkie and a retiree, chat about kids and shopping; “H&M I’m telling you”. The rapport they have has me thinking, sure that’s an odd mix of people, but a bizarre brand of harmony exists. So I walk off the train with Sharpie eyebrows and an amused smirk. Put that in your pipe and smoke it*.

*Not to be taken literally. Also do what you want.





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