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How to get shit done.

To start off March on a positive note, I figured I’d make a list of how to be more active. Here are my suggestions on how to be more productive and how to have a positive attitude while you’re doing it.

I’m sure you’ve heard a million times to think positive and good things will happen. I find that to be rather simplistic but I do believe it’s rooted in something truly valuable. It can be hard to feel confident in the outcomes of your positive mind-set, so I have a few suggestions on how to feel good and how to work towards your goals. 
1. State your goals. To a person and with conviction. Hold yourself accountable for what you want. Don’t make the mistake of overstating yourself and find yourself scrambling to do the impossible. Instead, set a realistic goal and talk to someone about it, speak about it with conviction and enthusiasm so they know you value this plan or idea and allow this dialogue to motivate you.

2. Write something down. If your goal is to start exercising, make a list of exercises you might be interested in and start auditioning them. YouTube and the internet are full of videos so take a little time to watch various clips and then challenge yourself to get up and complete your goal within a set amount of days or weeks.

3. Start doing things you can do in a minute or less. If you want to stop procrastinating, this is a good way to start. Make a commitment to immediately do anything if it’ll take a minute or less of your time. Hold yourself accountable and reward yourself for your achievements.

These are three easy ways to move into a more positive space. Remember that I, a human on the internet, believe in your ability to affect change. Positivity and productivity will always make you feel accomplished. If all else fails fake it, until you make it.

P.S. here’s a great quote to remind you to love yourself.

“She was on a quest for love, so she replaced her windows with mirrors.” 



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