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Check Em’ Out: Weekly Round-up

This week’s highlights are briefly summed up below. If you find yourself looking for something to check out, look no further, for I present to you a few good things to keep you entertained.

  • Film: I suggest making a plan to go and see this year’s Best Picture, the insanely good Moonlight.
  • TV: Netflix’s relatively new offering, You Me Her, offers a few good laughs and is entertaining binge fare.
  • Music: Léon is a relatively new artist with at least half a dozen bump worthy tunes out.
  • Online content: This article that calls for more inclusive feminism is relatively old, but is still so relevant considering the backlash to Emma Watson’s latest Vanity Fair shoot. Link here:
  • New Discovery: I recently stumbled upon the YouTube channel, “The School of Life” and it has prompted some illuminating self evaluations. I suggest starting with their video on Self Compassion. Watch it here:


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