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Fun workouts and where to find them.

I like to keep healthy, kinda. But it’s hard finding an honestly fun workout when you have zero motivation like myself. So, I’m sharing the workouts that make me happy and keep me healthy and active.

1) Dance workouts are always fun and also challenging, as you need to work your co-ordination. For me, the line between a decent workout and a waste of energy is an engaging instructor. So I present to you, The Fitness Marshall! He posts hip hop cardio dance workouts to pop/RnB tunes.

Caleb, the host, is hilarious, fabulous and completely motivating. He posts dance tutorials to the latest songs so you’re almost guaranteed to be dancing to your favourite song of the moment. The fact that his videos are the length of a song means I get to tailor my playlist exactly to my taste, and don’t worry Caleb has warm ups and cool downs, for a totally comprehensive work out experience.  For an extra challenge check out Fit Dance Life for Zumba tutorials to all the latest reggaeton and a few cool pop songs too! Link to the channels below.

The Fitness Marshall:

Fit Dance Life:

2) Morning Workouts. So when I get busy I try and keep active in the morning, even if it’s for 12-20 minutes. I usually do a light cardio/stretching routine and it helps me feel energisised and ready to carpe the diem.

My favourite morning video is a low impact 7 minute video that I follow up with a 5 minute power stretching routine. On the mornings where I have a little bit more time, I’ll do any 10 minute yoga routine to round it out. Links below.

3) Aerobic class workouts. My first experiences of excercise were dancing along to Jane Fonda tapes with my mom, so to this day I appreciate rhythmic workouts, hence my no.1 suggestion. Recently I discovered a workout that I enjoyed so thoroughly I laughed the entire time. It brought me back to those workout tapes and had me working up a good sweat in the process. The step style workout involves walking on the spot at an increasing pace with some moves working your obliques and your core. I seriously encourage you to click the link before and experience this beauty for yourself.

I hope you give these fitness tips and tricks a try, and do make sure to let me know what you think!



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