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Check `Em Out: Weekly Round up

Et Voila! Another weekly round up of entertaining things to do this week. Check it out and keep yourself busy.

Film: Get off your ass and go see Get Out. Jordan Peele’s social thriller is one to watch. Not only is it funny at times, but the film’s mirroring of the black experience in modern society makes for a wonderfully eery, scary and thoughtful viewing experience.  Out in theatres now.

TV: The CW’s Riverdale is a sight to bear. The cinematography of this series makes for a decadent visual treat. The story lines, though somewhat melodramatic and juvenile at times, are chockful of intrigue and magnetism. You should be able to find the latest episodes on your Netflix.

Music: John Mayer’s partially released The Search for Everything is tender, upbeat and bump worthy. Sway gently to ‘Love on the Weekend’ and weep bitterly when you learn that ‘Still Feel Like Your Man’ is about Katy Perry. Weep more when you listen to the song with lyrics. Either way, put these songs on and let them take you on a smooth and brooding ride.

Start with the somber ‘You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me’:

New Discovery: In the search of a more comprehensive knowledge of skin care I stumbled upon the Gothamista channel on youtube. Hosted by the knowledgable Renee, the channel is filled with engaging, informative and comprehensive videos about what skin care products contain and what to look for. With tailor made videos for different skin types. Renee is sure to teach you something illuminating about your skin. Take control of your skin care and check it. Link below.

Gothamista channel:



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