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Procrastination and other hobbies.

If you’re a student you understand that winter is coming. But not in the bad ass GOT way, rather in the form of exams, deadlines and unhealthy junk food binges.

This is my fourth and final year so ‘finals fatigue’ is settling in like a cat in a box. Except I’m the cat and let’s just say my owner is Schrodinger. Either way I’m fucked.

Anyways, in lieu of prepping the final draft of my submission for tomorrow, I went to lunch. Not just any lunch, but a much too extravagant 3 hour lunch that cost more money than I should be spending mind you. It was the best decision I’ve made in a while. I had food that would make food bloggers weep tears of joy at the thoughts of the followers they’d rake in on their Instagram accounts. I’ll leave it to your imagination to ponder the delight I experienced as I ate a perfectly cooked Chilli Chocolate fondant with a liquorice coulis accompanied by a bergamot gelato. Even better, I was greeted by a beautiful sunset as I walked back to the library. 

Moral of the story: if you’ve got the time to be a little selfish then do just that. It’s amazing how fulfilling it is, to kill time knowing full well you’ve got shit to do.



Wannabe writer. Observer of things. Lover of Food and TV.

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